Friday, December 11, 2015


Dr. Henry Morgan has a most unusual secret.  He’s two hundred years old and doesn’t look a day over thirty five.  Why?  Because he’s immortal.  And, a bit reluctant to tell anyone.  Can we blame him?  After all, the poor man has been water-boarded, had his organs dissected, and been hung for heresy.  Understandable that the good doctor would keep his lip zipped.
How does our Dr. Morgan end up working as a New York City medical examiner and helping the police solve crimes, circa 2014?  In Henry’s immortal words – “It’s a long story.”
Shot by a slave ship’s captain for trying to protect his patient, our Henry ends up in the ocean.  We learn that water plays a major role in his deaths, because every time he dies, he is reborn (so to speak) in water – and he’s always naked.  I’ve often wondered what happens to his clothes, but that’s the copy editor in me.
How is this for a different kind of television show?
FOREVER’S Dr. Henry Morgan is played to perfection by Welsh actor, Ioan Gruffudd, pronounced Yo-anne Griffith (think th as in the), and in this writer’s humble opinion, there is no one better suited for the role.  Funny, deprecating, emotional, and handsome, Ioan Gruffudd is Henry Morgan.
He is also Kieran McDade in ONCE IN A LIFETIME, book one of my Wish Fulfileld Series. I wrote the book before I knew Ioan Gruffudd existed or that there was a FOREVER television series. The minute I saw him, I said, “that’s Kieran!”

Until next time, I remain
Jayne Nichols
Forever Fan
PS - Did I forget to mention that Henry has this thing for scarves?
As an added bonus, watch Ioan Gruffudd and Jimmy Kimmel discuss how to properly pronounce Ioan’s name.


  1. This is REALLY fun. Great stuff, Jayne!

  2. I so glad you are enjoying it. I'm having fun, too.

  3. Jayne, so nice you begin this. Will wait for new posts!

  4. Oooh, I so have to catch up with this show. It sounds wonderful. And what a perfect fit for Kieran. I think I'm in love :)