Friday, January 22, 2016


Abraham is Dr. Henry Morgan’s adopted son.  He owns Abe’s Antiques, cooks, plays some mean jazz on the piano, skateboards, and occasionally rescues a naked Henry from New York’s East River. Abe is also the only one who know Henry’s deepest, darkest secret – the one about being immortal. Who wouldn’t love having a son like that!
We meet Abe in the first episode, and I do believe Matt Miller stretches history a wee bit when he has Abigail introduce Abe—a very healthy, well fed baby with a number tattooed on his arm—to Henry. Auschwitz was the only camp to number its inmates, and by inmates I mean those men and women who were able to walk upright through the gates marked Arbeit Macht Frei. If you had no value, you went into the gas chambers. Baby Abe would never have made it past the selection process, nor would his mother had she been pregnant at the time. If they were anything, the Nazis were efficient. But if you don’t know your WWII history as well as I do, this scenario works, and in episode 14, Abe learns that his real parents—Herman and Reba Weinraub—died in Auschwitz concentration camp. On a happy note, while searching his family tree, Abe discovers he is actually related to Henry, if a bit remotely.
This is fiction, after all.

I love Abe.  He’s played superbly by Judd Hirsch whose theatrical accomplishments are far too numerous to list here. Up until he became Abe in FOREVER,  I would have said my favorite Judd Hirsch TV show was TAXI where he won an Emmy in both 1981 and 1983 for his role as Alex Reiger.
He was born in 1935.  You do the math.  

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  1. Jayne , this was a very wonderful blog post! Abe seems so real, and he's very dear to the fans --and a big part of why we love him so is the incredible Judd Hirsch, as you said!!

  2. What really made this was the chemistry between Abe and Henry. The two talented actors played so well off each other in a way that left you cheering for both of them.

  3. I agree with both of you. They were the perfect father and son duo.