Sunday, March 20, 2016


Every Police Detective or Medical Examiner needs a villain to chase week after week – right?  Who better than another immortal with an agenda.  However, what exactly is his agenda?  In the first episode, a mysterious caller wants to know how Dr. Henry Morgan has managed to survive the subway crash. Certain that this shadowy someone knows his deepest secret, Henry decides to run. Lucky for the viewers, Abe talks Henry out of it.
And so begins the battle between good (Henry) and evil (Adam).
I had to ask myself why this second person who claimed the same immortality as Henry didn’t want to meet him, compare notes, and claim a kinship that might help both men find a way out of their current circumstance. After all, neither man is actually looking for death.  Each man merely wants to age gracefully and eventually die.
So, why then did Henry and Adam become instant enemies?  Re-read my first sentence.  Forever needed a villain.
And who better to play Adam than BURN GORMAN.  Born in Hollywood and raised in London, Burn is a man of many facets.  He has donned many roles over his acting career from the gentle Rev. Marley in Larkrise to Candleford to the scarred German officer, Colonel Skorzeny, in Walking with the Enemy. You may remember him as Trask in Revenge or Karl Tanner in Game of Thrones.
Of course, to Forever Fans, Burn Gorman will always be Adam, the immortal enemy of our Dr. Henry Morgan.

As always, I remain -
Jayne Nichols

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Maybe you can have a GREAT show with just the lead characters, but to have a REALLY GREAT show, you need some incredible secondary characters.  FOREVER has four.
MACKENZIE MAUZY plays Abigail Morgan, the love of Henry’s life since their meeting somewhere in Europe following the end of World War II. She accepts his immortality without a blink until she begins to age and he does not.  How unfair is that, ladies?  But love is eternal and no respecter of age.  A love story like this one is why I write Romance.

Lucas Wahl is Henry’s #2 at the Office of the Medical Examiner and his role is filled superbly by JOEL DAVID MOORE. I first saw Joel in an episode of Hawaii Five-O where he played the second in command of the Tsunami Tracking Center. Same role, different city. He is fun to watch, and somehow manages to overcome his many mistakes and help Henry join the world of the living.
DONNIE KESHAWARZ is Detective Mike Hanson. Mike partners with Jo Martinez and is always a step or two behind Henry in the crime solving department. However, Det. Hanson has a surprise of his own — he was once the lead singer of the Craniacs — and YES, the Detective/Donnie can really sing.

Last, but definitely NOT least, is the boss.  LORRAINE TOUSSAINT is Lieutenant Joanna Reece, a woman in tough profession, who shows exactly how capable she is at running New York’s 11th Precinct. She’s a no nonsense professional, and I thought the straight face she kept when talking to Henry about his occasional naked swims in the East River was priceless!

So, here they are — the incredible cast of FOREVER, the best darned television show ABC has ever foolishly dumped.  What say you, Forever Fans?  Agree or Disagree?

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Jayne Nichols
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