Thursday, April 21, 2016


It seems that lately the attempt to cajole Warner Bros into giving Forever Fans a season two of their favorite TV show has dwindled in favor of championing the former stars. I'm all for Ioan Gruffudd and Alana de la Garza finding a new TV home, but they will always remain in Forever Fans' hearts as Dr. Henry Morgan and Detective Jo Martinez.
And Forever will always remain my favorite TV show ever. It's had a lot of competition throughout the years, but so far nothing compares to this fresh, unique idea. I will keep Forever downloaded on Amazon video, well, forever.
I imagine most of you feel much the same.  Brian O'Marra does, and I'd like to showcase the recent thoughts of my very talented friend.
The positive fight to #SaveForever unites us as friends worldwide & brings us together!
Our positive message to #SaveForever elevates us & brings us together to support each other!
When we are positive as we #SaveForever , like the show, we shine our message for the world to see!
Being positive as we #SaveForever protects us from those who would rain on our message.
Like the show, as we #SaveForever and stay positive, we draw closer and make our message stand out!
Thank you, Brian, for reminding us to be positive and continue to make our message heard.
As always, I remain -

Jayne Nichols