Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Yesterday, my husband, David, and I were discussing whether or not we needed to have a will. We have no children, only a couple siblings each and a few nieces and nephews. Everything we have is set up with the right of survivorship. Then we decided it really didn't matter if there was a will. One or both of us would be dead, right? Everybody dies. There is no "if," only a "when." No one escapes death. Heavy conversation, right?
Well, then I said. "Henry always did."
And David, wise man that he is, said, "No, he didn't."
He's right, you know.  Nature could not kill Henry. But a network did.
Please, Warner Bros., Netflix, CWseed, somebody - bring our Henry back - FOREVER.

 Jayne Nichols
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Sunday, July 10, 2016


When TV whodunit FOREVER joined ABC’s 2015 Tuesday night lineup, it gathered thousands of fans worldwide. Twenty-two episodes later, ABC cancelled this wildly popular show, and the fans united in an attempt to get both ABC and Warner Bros. to change their minds. A petition was signed by over 100,000 fans. Media sites were flooded. Amazon’s video version was purchased, then later, the much awaited-for DVD version. Fans begged Warner Bros. to shop the show and literally prayed Netflix would pick it up, maybe even produce a second season. Alas, not.  But we fans have NOT given up.

Now that www.cwseed.com is streaming episodes of FOREVER, we have another chance let them know how much this show means to us. Please participate in the two-day tweet event directed to both Warner Bros. and CWseed.  Remember, separate messages, please.
 As always, I remain

 Jayne Nichols
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Saturday, May 28, 2016


When students are asked to do a report, either in high school or college, the inevitable question regarding its length is always asked.  My American Problems teacher had the best answer I have yet to hear.
Like a woman’s skirt – long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to make it interesting.
I write a lot of reviews on Amazon for a variety of products, including my favorite—books.  Amazon keeps bugging me, so eventually I have to give in and do it.  I’ve learned to keep my reviews honest, informative, and most important, short.  The reason for this is simple.
Attention spans are short.  Book reviews are many.  If you want someone to actually read what you’ve written, make it short and to the point.  Put yourself in the review reader’s place.  What does he or she want to know?
  1. Did the author make you forget you were reading a book? Did the story seem so real you were lost in the pages and couldn’t put it down?
  2. Did the characters grab you from the start and never let go?  Did you root for the hero or heroine?  Were you terrified of the villain?  Did the story interfere with your sleep?
  3. Did the plot move the story along?  Was it believable?  Did it start in the right place?  Were you satisfied with the ending?
  4. Would you recommend this book?  Buy another one by this author?
Remember, a book review is why you either liked or didn’t like the book, NOT a recap of the story.  That was done in the author’s blurb, and if the storyline hadn’t interested the reader, he or she wouldn’t be reading your review right now.
Happy review writing.

As always, I remain,
Jayne Nichols

Thursday, April 21, 2016


It seems that lately the attempt to cajole Warner Bros into giving Forever Fans a season two of their favorite TV show has dwindled in favor of championing the former stars. I'm all for Ioan Gruffudd and Alana de la Garza finding a new TV home, but they will always remain in Forever Fans' hearts as Dr. Henry Morgan and Detective Jo Martinez.
And Forever will always remain my favorite TV show ever. It's had a lot of competition throughout the years, but so far nothing compares to this fresh, unique idea. I will keep Forever downloaded on Amazon video, well, forever.
I imagine most of you feel much the same.  Brian O'Marra does, and I'd like to showcase the recent thoughts of my very talented friend.
The positive fight to #SaveForever unites us as friends worldwide & brings us together!
Our positive message to #SaveForever elevates us & brings us together to support each other!
When we are positive as we #SaveForever , like the show, we shine our message for the world to see!
Being positive as we #SaveForever protects us from those who would rain on our message.
Like the show, as we #SaveForever and stay positive, we draw closer and make our message stand out!
Thank you, Brian, for reminding us to be positive and continue to make our message heard.
As always, I remain -

Jayne Nichols