Sunday, July 10, 2016


When TV whodunit FOREVER joined ABC’s 2015 Tuesday night lineup, it gathered thousands of fans worldwide. Twenty-two episodes later, ABC cancelled this wildly popular show, and the fans united in an attempt to get both ABC and Warner Bros. to change their minds. A petition was signed by over 100,000 fans. Media sites were flooded. Amazon’s video version was purchased, then later, the much awaited-for DVD version. Fans begged Warner Bros. to shop the show and literally prayed Netflix would pick it up, maybe even produce a second season. Alas, not.  But we fans have NOT given up.

Now that is streaming episodes of FOREVER, we have another chance let them know how much this show means to us. Please participate in the two-day tweet event directed to both Warner Bros. and CWseed.  Remember, separate messages, please.
 As always, I remain

 Jayne Nichols
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